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Hannah Boardman
Hannah Boardman
Hannah Boardman Holmes
Mrs. Mason Holmes
Mrs. Hannah Holmes
Mrs. John Clark
Hannah Boardman Holmes Clark
Mrs. Hannah Clark
American, 1807 - 1891
Biography: Hannah Boardman was born 2 April 1807. She was the daughter of Lucinda Canfield (1786-1850) and Joseph Simeon Boardman (1780-1827). In 1816, her father purchased a home on Broad Street in Wethersfield where he worked in the shipping business. After her father died in a shipwreck in 1827, her mother married Ezra L'Hommedieu of Chester, Connecticut. Hannah Boardman moved to Chester; she married Mason Holmes (1800-1841) of Chester on 23 January 1828. They had at least one son, William Mason Holmes (1834-1904). Hannah Boardman Holmes married John A. Clark of Chester in 1843. Hannah Boardman Holmes Clark died 1 September 1891.