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D. W. Kellogg & Co.
Daniel Kellogg
American, 1830 - 1840
Daniel Wright Kellogg
Biography: Daniel Wright Kellogg, known as D. W. Kellogg, was the principal partner in the lithography firm D. W. Kellogg & Company, which was in business from about 1830-1840 in Hartford, Connecticut. After D.W. Kellogg went west in about 1836, his younger brothers E.B. and E.C. Kellogg were in charge of the firm. In 1840, the name of the firm was changed to E.B. & E.C. Kellogg. The Kellogg family were noted printmakers of their time. The family included the brothers Jarvis Griggs Kellogg (1805-1873), Daniel Wright Kellogg (1807-1874), Edmund Burke Kellogg (1809-1872), and Elijah Chapman Kellogg (1811-1881), as well as Edmund Burke Kellogg's son, Charles Edmund Kellogg. The companies in which the Kelloggs worked with different partners at different times included D. W. Kellogg & Co. (1830-1842), E.B. and E.C. Kellogg (1842-1867), E. C. Kellogg & Co., Kellogg & Bulkeley (founded 1867), Kelloggs & Comstock (1848-1850), Kellogg & Comstock (1851), Kellogg & Hanmer, and Kelloggs & Thayer.