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Sarah Ann Yale
Mrs. Henry Tenant
Sarah Tennant
Mrs. Sarah Tennant
Sarah Yale
American, 1817 - 1864
Biography: Sarah Ann Yale was born 17 April 1817 in Meriden, the daughter of Levi Yale (1780-1845) and his second wife Anna Guy (1800-1882). Her siblings include Hannah Scoville Yale (1818-1847), Bertrand Leland Yale (1820-1846), Clarissa King Yale (b. 1822), DeWitt Clinton (1825-1846) and Letiza Ximena (1827-1833). Sarah Ann Yale married Henry J. Tennant and died 5 January 1864. They had four children: Adelaide Ximena (1841-1867), Rollin Hill (1843-1871), Levi Yale (1845-1848), and Clinton Yale (b. 1847).