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Deborah Youngs
Mrs. John Ledyard
Mrs. Deborah Ledyard
Deborah Youngs
Deborah Youngs Ledyard
American, 1705 - 1747
Biography: Deborah Youngs was born in Southold, Long Island, New York on 14 February 1705. She was the daughter of Judge Benjamin and Mary Grover Youngs. Deborah married Captain John Ledyard (about 1700-1771), of Groton, Connecticut, in about 1727. They had ten children: John (1730-1762); Youngs (1731-1762); Deborah; Mary; Ebenezer (born 1736); William (1738-1781), hero of Fort Griswold; Nathaniel (1740-1766); Elizabeth; Sarah; and Experience (born 1747). Deborah Youngs Ledyard died 18 March of 1746 or 1747.