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Hannah Scoville Yale
Hannah Yale
Mrs. Ira Yale
Mrs. Hannah Yale
Hannah Yale
American, 1818 - 1847
Biography: Hannah Scoville Yale was born 13 December 1818 in Meriden, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Levi Yale (1780-1845) and Anna Guy Yale (b. 1800). Her siblings were: Sarah A. (b. 1817); Bertrand Leland (b. 1820); Clarissa K. (b.1822); Dewitt C. (1825-1846); and Letiza X. (1827-1833). Hannah Scoville Yale married her cousin, Ira Newell Yale (1811-1848), also of Meriden, Connecticut, in 1839. They left no children. Ira Newell Yale was a merchant and a post master for a number of years in Meriden. Hannah died on March 18, 1847. Her husband, Ira, died a year later on March 28, 1848, in Meriden. Hannah's brother, Bertrand, was also a merchant and postmaster of Meriden (and so was their father, Levi Yale). Bertrand married Chloe Elizabeth Holcomb on February 4, 1861. They had one daughter, Jennie Holcomb Yale (born 1866), who had two daughters, the youngest was Elizabeth Yale Hall (born 1899).