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Sophia Wentworth
Sophia Wentworth
Zerviah Wentworth
Mrs. Sophia Huntley
Mrs. Ezekiel Huntley
Sophia Wentworth Huntley
American, 1766-1833
Biography: Sophia Wentworth was born in Bozrah, Connecticut on 12 April 1766, the daughter of Abigail Wilson and Jared Wentworth. Her name is sometimes given as Zerviah. She married Ezekiel Huntley (1752-1839) on 28 November 1790, his second marriage. They had only one child, Lydia Howard Huntley Sigourney (1791-1865), who was named after Jared Wentworth's first wife, Lydia Howard. Sophia Wentworth died on 28 August 1833.