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Wannopee Pottery Company

American, 1892 - 1903
Biography: The New Milford Pottery Company was founded in 1886 as a stock company, and has a kiln in operation by 1887. In 1892 the company was sold to E. D. Clack, L. F. Curtis, C. M. and Merritt Beach, when they changed the company name to The Wannopee Pottery Company. The pottery made a mottled glaze ware and porcelain and semi-porcelain pitchers with a dull glaze. One type of Wannopee pitcher was decorated with relief medallion heads of various American and European persons of historical interest. The potter also made mottled-glaze "Duchess ware", clock cases, and a blue-glazed ware. "Lettuce leaf ware" looked like a majolica leaf molded from a real cabbage leaf. Wannopee also made an art pottery called "Scarabronze" about 1901. Scarabronze wares have a metallic-type glaze, are made from Connecticut red clay and feature Egyptian-style decorations. The pottery closed in 1903.