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Anna Wells
Mrs. Eli Moore
Mrs. Deodatus Woodbridge
Anna Wells Moore Woodbridge
Anna Wells
Mrs. Anna Moore
Mrs. Anna Woodbridge
Anna Wells Moore
American, 1761 - 1838
Biography: Anna Wells was born 9 May 1761 in East Hartford, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Esther Hills Wells (1734-1795) and Jonathan Wells (1733- 1811 or 1816). She married Eli Moore (1753-1800) in East Windsor, Connecticut, on 7 November 1793. They has at least one son, John Moore (1800-1883). Anna Wells Moore married a second time, to Deodatus Woodbridge (1757-1836) of Hartford, Connecticut; they had no children. Anna Wells Moore Woodbridge died 21 January 1838.