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Caroline Watrous
Caroline Morgan
Mrs. Caroline Morgan
Caroline Watrous
Mrs. Frederick Morgan
American, 1797 - 1889
Biography: Caroline Watrous was born 29 June 1797 in Colchester, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Doctor John Richard Watrous and Lydia Wright (died 30 July 1797). On 20 May 1823 she married Doctor Frederick Morgan (1791-1878), who began a medical practice in Colchester in 1820. Morgan was the oldest child of Doctor Elisha Morgon, and Abigail Morgon, both of Groton, Connecticut. He received his medical degree from the Yale College Medical School in 1819. They had eight children: John (1824-1863 - died while fighting in the Civil War), Frederick (b. 1827), Anna (b. 1829), Richard Henry (1832-1863), Edward Payson (b. 1834), Robert Dudley (b. 1836), Catharine (1838-1860), Frank Rose (b. 1842). The Morgan family lived in Middle Hadam (1824-1826), Middletown (1826-1829), and Ellington (1829-1830), but again settled in Colchester. Caroline Watrous died at age 93 on 25 July 1889 in New London, Connecticut.