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Catherine Wadsworth
Mrs. Catherine Terry
Katherine Wadsworth
Catherine Wadsworth Terry
Catherine Wadsworth
Mrs. Nathaniel Terry
American, 1774 - 1841
Biography: Catherine Wadsworth, daughter of Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth (1743-1804) and Mehitabel Russell Wadsworth, was born in January 1774. She married Nathaniel Terry (1768-1844) in Hartford on 14 March 1798. Terry was a prominent citizen, a representative of Hartford for twelve sessions of Legistature, a General of militia, a member of the Connecticut Constitutional Convention and Mayor of Hartford from 1824 to 1831. They had six sons and three daughters including Adrian Russell (1806-1808), Adrian Russell (baptized 1809), and Harriet Wadsworth, who married Richard Post of Genesee, New York. Catherine Wadsworth Terry died 26 October 1841.