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W. T. Copeland
William Copeland
English, 1847 - 1867
William Taylor Copeland
Biography: William Taylor Copeland (1797-1868) had been in the partnership of Copeland & Garrett with Thomas Garrett in succession to the firm of Spode (or Spode & Copeland for the retail division) up to 24 June 1847, when Garrett retired. Copeland continued using the old Spode works in Stoke, producing earthenware, porcelain, and Parian. In 1867, W. T. Copeland's four sons were admitted to the partnership, changing the name to W. T. Copeland & Sons. On 31 December 1867, William Taylor Copeland retired, leaving his four sons to continue the firm. In 1970, the company name changed to Spode, Ltd.