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Samuel Lovett Waldo
Samuel Waldo
American, 1783 - 1861
Biography: Samuel Lovett Waldo was born in 6 April 1783 in Windham, Connecticut. He was the son of Zacheus Waldo (1756-1834) and Esther Stevens Waldo (1758-1825). He first studied painting with Hartford portrait painter, museum keeper, and minister Joseph Steward. Waldo traveled to Litchfield, and then to South Carolina before going to study in London in 1806. He returned to the United States in 1809 and established himself as a portrait painter in New York City. He took on an apprentice, William Jewett (1792-1874), who later became his partner. They continued to collaborate until Jewett's retirement in 1854. Waldo died on 16 February 1861 in New York City.