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Williams Bros. Mfg. Co.

American, 1848 - 1950
Biography: F. Curtis & Co. Frederick and Joseph S. Curtis, brothers who manufactured German silverware, spoons and spectacles in Hartford, moved to Glastonbury. The first notice of the partnership appeared 24 January 1848. Company offices remained at Hartford while manufacturing operations were begun at Curtisville - that section of Glastonbury which today comprises a part of Naubec. The company name was changed to Curtisville Mfg. Co. "The Memorial History of Hartford County" states that at Curtisville was manufactured the first German Silver in America. The silver-white metal, an alloy of copper, zinc and nickel, was hauled by wagon to Waterbury and there rolled to the desired thickness Curtisville Mfg. Co. Successor to F. Curtis & Co. of Hartford and Glastonbury. F. Curtis & Co. was reorganized on 18 September 1854 under the name Curtisville Mfg. Co. with Charles Benedict as President and R. F. Fowler, Secretary and Treasurer. By 1857 the locale was called Curtisville and had its own postmaster. In 1859, Thomas J. Vail assumed the Presidency and the Curtis family no longer appeared in the Hartford listings. Thomas J. Vail. During the Civil War Thomas Vail produced war materials. Between 1865 and 1869 Vail probably was in the silver plating business as in the Hartford Directory of 1869 he is listed as manufacturer of Germans Silver and plated ware, etc. In 1871, The American Sterling Company took over the property from the trustee, Leavitt Hunt. American Sterling Co. Successors to the Curtisville Mfg. Co. in 1871 when they took over the property of Thomas J. Vail, manufacturer of German silver and plated ware. In business till 1880 when it was bought by James B. and William Williams and the name changed to Williams Bros. Mfg. Co. Williams Bros. Mfg. Co. James B. and William Williams bought the American Sterling Company and founded the Williams Bros. Mfg. Co., in 1880. Manufacturers of plated silver spoons, forks and a general line of flatware. They went out of business in June 1950. American Sterling Co. used as a brand name on some of their silver plated ware. Rainwater, "Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers", Crown Publishers, Inc. (New York), 1978.