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Lot Dimock Vansands
Lot Vansands
L. Vansands
American, 1804 - 1876
Biography: Lot Dimock Vansands was born in Stratford, Fairfield, Connecticut on 1 February 1804, and he became an active and prominent businessman and manufacturer in Middletown, Connecticut. He trained as a silversmith, and while still quite young, he went to Middletown to work as a repairer for John L. Smith. In later years, Lot Dimock Vansands joined with Richard Hubbard and others to start a manufactury of locks and blind fastenings in Zoar. Lot Dimock Vansands later partnered with William Wilcox, eventually selling out to Wilcox so he could retire. Lot Dimock Vansands married Minerva Campbell (1816-1898), and they had eight children: Emma Vansands Roberts; Austin; William; Clara Vansands Camp; Frederick; Walter; Robert; and George. Lot Dimock Vansands was a staunch Democrat and active politically. He held several town offices in Middletown, including selectman and assessor. He was the president of the Middletown Savings Bank, an officer in St. John's Lodge Number 2, and was a warden in the Episcopal Church. Lot Dimock Vansands died 6 February 1876. He is buried in Indian Hill Cemetery.