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Treat & Lindsley
John Treat
Nelson Lindsley
American, 1856 - 1864
John L. Treat
Biography: David Whitaker and William Frisbie founded the melodeon-making business Whitaker & Frisbie in 1847 in New Haven, Connecticut. After H. Q. Goodman bought into the business, it became Goodman & Frisbie. Later, a Dr. Baldwin acquired Frisbie's interest in the company, and it became Goodman & Baldwin. In 1856, John L. Treat and Nelson Lindsley purchased the business and renamed it Treat & Lindsley. In 1864, a Mr. Davis of Worcester, Massachusetts, bought out Lindsley's interest and changed the company name to Treat and Davis. When Davis died, Nelson Lindsley purchased his share and changed the business name back to Treat & Lindsley. In 1865, it became B. Shoninger, operated by Simon B. Shoninger. The business ceased after 1885.