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Lucy Trumbull
Mrs. Lucy Langdon
Mrs. Timothy Langdon
Lucy Trumbull
Lucy Trumbull Langdon
American, 1758 - 1794
Biography: Lucy Trumbull was born 26 December 1758 in Westbury (now Watertown) Connecticut. She was the daughter of John Trumbull (1715-1787) and Sarah Whitman Trumbull (1717/18-1805), and the sister of Sarah Trumbull Perkins (b. 1745) and John Trumbull (1750-1835). Lucy married Reverend Timothy Langdon (1758-1801), the son of John Langdon and Mercy Eno Langdon, on 8 January 1787 in New Marlborough, Massachusetts. They lived in Danbury, Connecticut until 1800. Lucy and Timothy had four children: Timothy Langdon (b. 1788); John Langdon (b. 1790); Lucy Langdon (1792-1846); and Betsey Langdon (b. about 1793). Lucy Trumbull Langdon died 7 March 1794 in Danbury, Connecticut; she is buried there, in Wooster Cemetery.