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Frederic William Tuttle
Frederic Tuttle
American, 1812 - 1895
Biography: Frederic William Tuttle was born 8 April 1812, the son of Betsey Hotchkiss Tuttle and Samuel Tuttle. He had nine siblings: Esther Rowe (b. 1801); Miles Ammi (1802-1858); Samuel Hotchkiss (1805-1806); Sally (1807-1816); Samuel Hotchkiss (died in infancy 1809); Betsey (died in infancy 1810); Sarah Elizabeth (b. 1816); Samuel Isaac (b. 1819); and Ruel Hotchkiss (b. 1824). Frederic Tuttle married Sarah Ramsey, and they had four children: Sarah (died in infancy 1841); Kate (1843-1846); Grace (b. 1846); and Jane (b. 1848). Frederic Tuttle died in 1895.