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Harriet Emeline Saxton
Mrs. Nathaniel Morgan
Harriet Saxton
Harriet Saxton Morgan
Mrs. Harriet Morgan
American, 1807 - 1899
Biography: Harriet Emeline Saxton was born 19 November 1807 in Lebanon, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Fanny Chamberlin Saxton and Nathaniel Saxton of Lebanon, Connecticut. Harriet Saxton married Nathaniel Harris Morgan (1805-1881) on 4 May 1830 in Lebanon. In 1830, the Morgans moved to Hartford, Connecticut. Nathaniel H. Morgan served in Hartford as an alderman, city sheriff, judge of city court, first selectman, school superintendent, and city warden. The Morgans had three children: Nathaniel Saxton Morgan (b. 1833), Harriet E. Morgan (1843-1863), and Mary Harris Morgan (Mrs. Samuel Benedict St. John) (b. 1850). Harriet E. Saxton Morgan died at her home in Hartford, Connecticut, on 31 August 1899; she was 92 years old.