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Seymour Brothers
Henry Seymour

Orson Seymour
American, 1866 - 1871
Biography: According to Geer's Hartford City Directories, the firm of "Seymour Brothers, potters" was located at 28, 42 and 50 Front Street, Hartford, from 1866 to 1869, and 38 Front Street in 1870 and 1871. The firm was managed by Henry Phelps Seymour and Orson Hart Seymour, and was the successor to Webster & Seymour, managed by Charles T. Webster & Orson Hart Seymour. Henry Phelps died in 1871 and his brother organized the company of Seymour & Bosworth in 1873. Lura Woodside Watkins, author of "Early New England Potters and Their Wares", does not mention a company by the name of Seymour Brothers, but only the name Seymour & Brother. As the dates Watkins gives are the same as the ones in the city directories, I can only assume that Watkins is referring to Seymour Brothers. (Hunt 1/12/2005)