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William Henry Smith
William Smith
1800 - 1879
Biography: William Henry Swift: Born Nov. 6, 1800, Taunton, MA. U.S. Coast Survey Military History. — Cadet at the Military Academy, Aug. 18, 1813, p237to July 1, 1819, when he was graduated and promoted in the Army. Upon the reestablishment of the Coast Survey in the Treasury Department in 1836, Capt. William H. Swift, a Topographical Engineers was assigned to serve as Assistant to F. R. Hassler. Assistant on the Geodetic Survey of the Atlantic Coast of the United States, 1833 43; on Survey of Norwich, Ct., and Worcester, Mas., Railroad, 1833 35, — of entrance to Connecticut River, 1836, — and of Saybrook harbor, Ct., 1837; in charge of Improvement of Rivers and Harbors on Long Island Sound, 1838 39, and on the New England Coast. Died, Apr. 7, 1879, at New York city: Aged 78. The above information was found at*.html