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Esther Rhodes
Esther Rhodes
Mrs. Esther Treat
Esther Rhodes Treat
Esther Mallory
Mrs. Elijah Treat
American, probably 1770 - 1850
Biography: Esther Rhodes of Milford, Connecticut, married Elijah Treat on 8 December 1796. Her husband was a farmer, and the great great grandson of Governor Robert Treat (about 1622-1710) of Connecticut. Esther Rhodes Treat was baptised in Oxford, Connecticut, on 28 December 1800, and she and her husband were admitted to the town church that same day. They had seven children: Philemon (1797-about 1870); Maria (1799-1856); Thirza (b. 1802); Patty (1805-1855); Atwater (1810-1835); Stephen (b. 1813); and Esther Jane (b. 1815). Esther Rhodes Treat died in Seymour, Connecticut, on 10 January 1850 at age 79.