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Lillian Rotondo
Mrs. Lillian Battalino
Letteria Rotondo
Lillian Rotondo
Lillian Rotondo Battalino
Lily Rotondo
Mrs. Christopher Battalino
1910 - 1999
Biography: Lillian Rotondo was born Letteria Rotondo in Reggio Callabria, Italy. Her birth certificate lists her birthdate as 24 June 1910, but according to her mother, it should be 29 May 1910. Her family immigrated to Connecticut. On 29 April 1929, Lillian Rotondo married Christopher "Bat" Battalino (1908-1977) in Hartford, Connecticut. They had two daughters, Marie Battalino Peichert, and Mrs. Roger G. Doucet. Lillian Rotondo Battalino died in New Britain, Connecticut, on 19 November 1999.