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Mary Pierpont
Mrs. Mary Russell
Mary Pierpont
Mrs. William Russell
Mary Russell
American, 1703 - 1740
Biography: Mary Pierpont, daughter of Reverend James Pierpont and Mary Hooker of New Haven, Connecticut, was born 23 November 1703 in New Haven. On 19 August 1719, she married the Reverend William Russell (1690-1761), son of Reverend Noadiah Russell and Mary Hamlin Russell of Middletown, Connecticut. They had nine children: Mary (b. 1720) (Mrs. Matthew Talcott); Esther (1722-1796); William (b. 23 July 1725); Samuel (1727-1794); Noadiah (1729-1795); Sarah (b. 1732); Mehitable (1734-1817); Hannah (b. 1736/7); and James (b.1739). All nine children were born in Middletown, Connecticut. Mary Pierpont died in Middletown on 24 June 1740.