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Eliza Maria Punderson
Eliza Punderson
Eliza Punderson Avery
Mrs. Eliza Avery
American, 1804 - 1884
Biography: Eliza Maria Punderson was born on 24 February 1804 in Preston, Connecticut, the daughter of Cyrus Punderson (1772-1857) and the second of his five wives, Maria Babcock (ca. 1769-1809). Eliza married Benjamin Gilson Avery on 24 February 1829 in Preston, Connecticut. She died on 14 April 1884 in Geddes, New York. She had six children: Eliza (1830-1830), Maria (1832-1832), Cyrus Denison (b. 1833), Julia Maria (b. 1835-), Frances Eliza (b. 1838) and Benajmin Woolcott (1840-1841). Eliza was the niece of Sylvia Punderson Morgan, who was the daughter of Ebenezer and Prudence Geer Punderson.