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Abigail Parsons
Mrs. Abigail Bates
Mrs. Abigail Parsons
Mrs. Simeon Parsons
Abigail Parsons Bates
Abigail Parsons
Abigail Parsons Bates Parsons
Mrs. Samuel Bates
Anglo-American, 1714 - 1791
Biography: Abigail Parsons was born 10 February 1714 in Durham, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Abigail Ball Parsons (1682-1760) and Moses Parsons (1688-1754). She had five siblings; two sisters and three brothers. Abigail Parsons married Samuel Bates (1712-1750) in Haddam, Connecticut, on 7 January 1742. They had four children, including Anna Bates (1744-1809), who married Jonathan Walkley in 1767. Abigail Parsons Bates married a second time, in Durham, Connecticut, on 30 November 1772. Her second husband was her first cousin once removed, Ensign Simeon Parsons (1701-1781), the son of Samuel Parsons. Abigail Parsons Bates Parsons died 15 July 1791.