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N & A Seymour
Norman Seymour
Ardon Seymour
American, 1824 - 1842
Norman Seymour
Biography: Norman and Ardon Seymour were the sons of Norman Seymour (1752-1796), who was a second cousin to Nathaniel Seymour (1763-1849), the West Hartford, Connecticut, potter. Between 1824 and 1848, Norman and Arden Seymour were making stoneware in Rome, about twenty miles northwest of Utica, New York. Norman Seymour was born 20 September 1782 in West Hartford, Connecticut. In 1804, he settled in Herkimer, New York, and worked as a hatter there until 1821. He married Mary Hopkins (1780-1808) in Herkimer on 4 September 1805. They had a daughter, Mary Hopkins (1808-1845). He married Lydia Kelsey (1782-1857) on 31 December 1815, also in Herkimer. They had four children: Catherine Mills (b. 1817); Norman (twin) (b. 1819); Lydia Kelsey (twin) (1819-1867); and McNeil (b. 1822). In 1821, Norman Seymour moved to Rome, New York. In 1842, he settled in Mt. Morris, New York, and followed mercantile pursues with his oldest son. Norman Seymour died in Mt. Morris on 12 December 1859. Ardon Seymour was born 5 January 1790. He married Sarah Marsh (1782-1852) on 8 September 1819, and they had two children: Mary Harland (b. 1820); and Sarah Marsh (b. 1823). Ardon Seymour was commissioned a first lieutenant in the Oneida County Cavalry in 1819, and he rose to the rank of colonel.