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Sarah Maria Mansfield
Sarah Mansfield
Sarah Mansfield Shepherd
Mrs. Sarah Shepherd
Mrs. Franklin Shepherd
American, 1831 - 1914
Biography: Sarah Maria Mansfield was born in North Haven, Connecticut, on 10 September 1831. She was the daughter of Jared and Sarah Bradley Mansfield. In 1853, she married Franklin Shepherd (1815-1898). They had seven children: John Franklin (b. 1855); Mary Delight (b. 1857); Mabel Susan (1860-1935); Roswell Jacobs (b. 1862); Le Etta Jane (1867-1903); Sylvia Elizabeth (1870-1961); and Esther Louise (b. 1872). Sarah Maria Mansfield Shepherd died in North Haven, Connecticut, on 4 March 1914.