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Elizabeth Murray
Mrs. James Smith
Mrs. Elizabeth
Elizabeth Smith
Elizabeth Murray
Scottish, 1726 - 1785
Biography: Elizabeth Murray (b. 1726) arrived in Boston from Scotland in 1749. On 25 March 1751 she placed an advertisement in the Boston Evening-Post: "ELIZABETH MURRAY, Next Door to Deacon Bouteneau's in Cornhill, Boston, TEACHES Dresden, and other kinds of Needle Works, likewise accommodates young Ladies with Board, and half Board, at a reasonable Price..." followed by a list of goods for sale. She subsequently ran ads as a milliner. She was at the same address in 12 MArch 1753 when she offered instruction and board for young ladies (Boston Evening-Post, 26 Marhc 1753). In 1760 she married her second husband, James Smith, a wealthy Boston distiller twice her age.