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Nelson Augustus Moore
Nelson Moore
N. Moore
Nelson Moore
American, 1824 - 1902
Biography: Nelson Augustus Moore was the son of Lucy Allen Moore (1799-1862) and Deacon Roswell Moore (1793-1857). He had two siblings, Roswell Moore and Ellen E. Moore. Nelson A. Moore married Ann Maria Pickett (1832-1909). They had four children: Edwin Augustus Moore (1859-1925); Ellen Mindwell Moore; Ethelbert Allen Moore; and Alanson Jasper Pickett Moore. Nelson Augustus Moore was one of Hartford's pioneer photographs. He took some of the earliest known photographs of the city. He was also active as a landscape painter throughout his long career. The Connecticut Historical Society has a large collection of drawings, paintings, photographs, manuscripts, and memorabilia relalting to Nelson Augustus Moore and his family.