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Lucy Langdon
Mrs. John Dodge
Lucy Langdon
Mrs. Lucy Dodge
Lucy Langdon Dodge
American, 1792 - 1846
Biography: Lucy Langdon was born in Danbury, Connecticut on 11 January 1792. She was the daughter of Lucy Trumbull Langdon (1758-1794) and Rev. Timothy Langdon (1758-1801), and she was the great granddaughter of Governor Jonathan Trumbull. She married John Dodge, Jr. (1786-1862), and they had eight children: Lucy Ann Dodge (1812-1854); John Langdon Dodge (b. 1814); Elizabeth Dodge (1817-1856); Warren Trumbull Dodge (1820-1853); Norman Dodge (b. 1822); Charlotte Dodge (1824-1863); George Ross Dodge (b. 1826); and Martha Dodge (b. 1829). Lucy Langdon Dodge died 5 April 1846.