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Mary Betts Lockwood
Mrs. Henry Benedict
Mary Lockwood Benedict
Mary Lockwood
Mrs. Mary Benedict
American, born 1799
Biography: Mary Betts Lockwood was born 17 April 1799 in Norwalk, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Sarah Betts Lockwood (b. 1757) and Stephen Lockwood. She had seven siblings: Sarah (b. 1782); Ralph (b. 1787); Stephen (b. 1789); Elizabeth (b. 1791); George (b. 1793); Henry (b. 1795); and Esther (b. 1797). Her father served in the American Revolution for three years, enlisting as a private in Captain Mill's Company on 1 March 1777. Her father also represented Norwalk in the General Assembly of Connecticut in 1807. Mary Betts Lockwood married Reverend Henry Benedict (1796-1868) on 1 September 1823. Her husband began his ministry in Waterbury, Connecticut, in 1826. He became Pastor of the Congregational Church in Norwalk on 12 August 1828. He also preached in churches in Covington, Kentucky (1836-1837), in New York (1838-1839), in Westport, Connecticut (1840-1852), and in Portchester (until retirement in 1863).