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Susannah Lester
Susa Lester
Susannah Lester
Mrs. Susannah Morgan
Mrs. Daniel Morgan III
Susannah Morgan
American, born 1782
Biography: Susannah Lester and her twin Sarah were born on 10 February 1783; she was the daughter of Elijah Lester of Preston and Damaras Lord of Norwich. On 5 November 1807, she married Daniel Morgan III (1778-1820) of Preston. Daniel Morgan III was the son of Daniel Morgan II (1746-1811) and Elizabeth Lord (1748-1827). They had three children: Hezekiah Lord Morgan (b. 1809), Edwin Lester Morgan (b. 1811), and Damaris L. Morgan (1813-1845). After their marraige they settled in Griswold.