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Charlotte M. Lambert
Charlotte Lambert
Mrs. Charlotte Boyd
Charlotte Lambert Boyd
Mrs. John Boyd
American, 1823 - 1891
Biography: Charlotte Lambert was born 10 June or 19 July 1823 in Sharon, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Azubah Richards Lambert of West Haven, Connecticut, and Enoch Lambert (b. 1789). She had four brothers: John (b. 1821); George Benjamin (b. 1825); David Edward (b. 1832); and Ephraim. Charlotte Lambert was living in New York when she married John Boyd (1818-1890) of Amenia, New York, on 4 October 1849. They had one daughter, Sarah Elizabeth (1850-1891). Charlotte Lambert Boyd died 17 December 1891, twelve days before her daughter. All three members of the John Boyd family are buried in Sharon, Connecticut.