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Edwin P. Kellogg
E. Kellogg
Edwin Kellogg

American, born 1830
Biography: Edwin Pomeroy Kellogg was born in West Springfield, Massachusetts on 24 November 1830. On 7 September 1852, he married Ann Maria Greenleaf of Rockville, Connecticut. She died on 23 January 1864 and on 5 October 1865, he married Emma Maton Gwillin of Hartford. In March 1860, he had moved to Hartford and opened a business as a photographer and dealer in art materials in partnernship with his brother, Julius Augustus. Julius Augustus Kellogg was born in West Springfield, Massachusetts on 7 October 1834. He married Abigail Jane Helme of Providence, Rhode Island on 19 December 1865. At about the time of this marriage, his partnership with his brother Edwin was dissolved and he became a furniture dealer. Edwin subsequently became a dealer in pictures and frames. Julius Augustus Kellogg died in Hartford on 11 December 1901. Edwin and Julius Kellogg were not closely related to the Hartford lithographers with the same last name.