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Mabel Jones
Mabel Jones
Mabel Jones Butler
Mrs. Ezekiel Butler
Mrs. Mabel Butler
American, 1736 - 1806
Biography: Mabel Jones was born in 1736 in Branford, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Deborah Parker Jones (b. 1704) and Isaac Jones (1703-1759). She was third in the line of descent from William Jones (1624-1706), Lieutenant Governor of New Haven Colony, and Hannah Eaton Jones (1633-1707). William Jones emigrated from Wales to New Haven in 1660. He was the son of John Jones, the regicide, who was beheaded in 1659. Mabel Jones eloped with Ezekiel Butler (1734-1781) in 1759; for doing so she was disinherited. She died in 1806.