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Catharine Winthrop Jones
Catharine Jones
Catherine Jones
Mrs Asa Pond
Mrs Catharine Pond
1798 - 1859
Biography: Catharine Winthrop Jones was born February 1798 in Ellsworth, ME, and died in August 1859 in New Haven, CT. She married Asa Aldis Pond (b. Feb 19, 1792, d. Oct 14, 1853) and had at least four children: Hulda-Ann, Harriet-Elizabeth, Henry-Winthrop, and Ellen-Jones. Note with John Winthrop Jr. Bible states "This Bible was presented to Gov. John Winthrop of Connecticut when he was in London in 1662 and descended to Emily Winthrop Tweed from her Grandmother Catharine Winthrop Pond." It was written on the back of a calling card from Mrs. Harrison Tweed. The letter accompanying it by the donor also states that the bible "has been traditionally passed to the eldest of each generation." John Winthrop's traveling bible passed through the family to Catherine Winthrop Jones who passed it to her granddaughter Emily Winthrop Tweed. The bible then made its way through family to William Harrison Swift who donated it to the society in 2008 A more detailed family tree can be found in the object file for 2008.35.0.