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Rhoda Jones
Mrs. Roger Bulkeley
Rhoda Jones Bulkeley
Rhoda Jones
Mrs. Rhoda Bulkeley
Mrs. Aaron Kellogg Jr.
Mrs. Rhoda Kellogg
Rhoda Jones Kellogg
American, 1750 - 1807
Biography: Rhoda Jones was born 4 October 1750 in Colchester, Connecticut. She married twice. Her first husband was Aaron Kellogg, Jr. Her second husband was Major Roger Bulkeley (1751-1819), the son of Abigail and Gershom Bulkeley. She was his second wife. Rhoda Bulkeley died in Colchester, Connecticut, on 15 June 1807. She was buried in the Gershom Bulkeley family crypt in Colchester.