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Dr. Oliver Kingsley Isham
Dr. Oliver Isham
American, 1797 - 1872
Biography: Dr. Oliver Kingsley Isham was born 26 March 1797 in Tolland, Connecticut. He was the son of John Isham. Oliver Isham graduated from Yale Medical School in 1822 and began to practice medicine in Coventry, Connecticut. On 12 November 1822, he married Minerva Griggs (1796-1880). They had six children: James Edgar (died in infancy 1823); Lucius Dwight (b. 1824); Sarah Frances (1826-1869); Lucia Maria (b. 1828); Henry Griggs (b. 1830); and Julia Ann (b. 1832). The Ishams moved to Tolland, Connecticut; Oliver Isham spent the remainder of his life there. He was Town Clerk of Tolland from 1836-1846, and from 1854-1856. He was a member of the Connecticut State Legislature in 1858. Dr. Oliver K. Isham died in Tolland, Connecticut, on 10 March 1872.