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Colonel John Williams Hull
Colonel John Hull
American, 1789 - 1878
Biography: Colonel John Williams Hull was born in Stonington, Connecticut in 1789. He was the son of Latham and Desire Williams Hull (b. 1751). On his mother's side, he was a descendant of Elizabeth and John Howland, passengers on the first voyage of the Mayflower. Colonel Hull was an officer in the 36th Regiment of the Connecticut Militia, and he was Captain of his regiment at the British attack on Stonington during the War of 1812. Colonel Hull's efforts to fortify Stonington are said to have contributed to its successful defense against the British Naval force. As a hero of Stonington, one of its main streets bears Colonel Hull's name. Colonel Hull's first marriage was to Elizabeth Smith on 1 May 1811; his second was to Nancy York in February 1821. He had eight children: Eliza Smith Hull (1812-1875); Eunice Billings Hull (1814-1841); John Pomeroy Hull (1816-1859); Jesse Y. Hull (1822-1871); Nancy (called Ann) Hull (b. 1824); Lathrop W. Hull (1826-1891); Charlse S. Hull (1830-1884); and Martha Almira Hull (1833-1910). Colonel Hull lived most of his life in Stonington. He died 28 February 1878, and he is buried in Stonington.