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Francis Newman Holley
Francis Holley
American, born 1807
Biography: Francis Newman Holley was born 13 May 1807, the first child of Sally Stiles (1786-1854) and Newman Holley, Esquire (1785-1857) of Salisbury, Connecticut. On 29 May 1824, he married Eliza A. Hotchkiss (29 May 1824 - May 1866) and they had four children, two of whom died young. Following the death of his first wife, Holley was married for a second time on 22 December 1869 to Mrs. Lucinda Hayden, the daughter of Charles Bronson of Waterbury, Connecticut. Mr. Holley had moved to Wolcottville in 1837 and worked for the woolen mills, but when the first mill was burned in 1844, he and John Hungerford formed the Union Manugacturing Company, bought the old finishing house, and established what became the manufacture of doeskin clothes. He continued this business until 1872, when he sold his interest in that mill and retired.