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Cynthia Mary Holden
Mrs. Robert Hines
Cynthia Holden
Cynthia Holden
Mrs. Cynthia Hines
American, born 1936
Biography: Cynthia Mary Holden was born on the 16 June 1936 in Hartford, Connecticut. She grew up on Hilltop Drive in West Hartford, Connecticut; her mother worked for many years as a candy maker at Hillyard's Chocolates on Farmington Avenue in West Hartford Center. Cynthia married Robert N. Hines on 4 October 1958. They had two daughters: Linda (born 14 February 1960) who married Blaine P. Ericson, and Leslie (born 10 October 1962) who married Richard Grant Chandler. Cynthia Hines worked for many years as the Membership Secretary for the Connecticut Historical Society until 1998. Her husband is descended from the Noble family of Connecticut.