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Nina Brower Hewitt
Nina Hewitt
Mrs. Nina Stanley
Nina Hewitt Stanley
Mrs. Talcott Stanley
American, 1920 - 1990
Biography: Nina Brower Hewitt was born 3 April 1920 in New Haven, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Antoinette Reeve Butler Hewitt (d. 1979) and Brower Hewitt, and she had two sisters, Lydia Hewitt Hobbs and Cornelia Hewitt Fitts. She married Talcott Stanley, and they had four children: Philip T. Stanley; Rebecca H. Stanley; Alix H. Stanley; and Lucinda Stanley Stempf. Nina Brower Hewitt graduated from Smith College in 1942. During World War II, she served with the Red Cross Motor Corps and the Aircraft Warning Center in New Haven, Connecticut. In 1946, she and her husband, moved to West Hartford, Connecticut, where she was very active in arts and cultural organizations. Nina Hewitt Stanley was a boardmember of the Antiquarian and Landmarks Society, and the National Society of Colonai Dames of America; she was vice president of teh boards of the Hartford Ballet, the Renbrook School, and the Watkinson School; and she was a trustee of the Hill-Stead Museum. She died on 28 May 1990 at age 70.