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Prudence Amelia Hayden
Prudence Hayden
Amelia Hayden
Mrs. Henry Champlin
American, 1795 - 1880
Biography: Prudence Amelia Hayden, also known as Amelia, was born 15 October 1795, the daughter of Uriah Hayden 2nd (d. 1801) and Huldah Ely (b. 1772). In 1815 she married Captain Henry Lay Champlin (1786-1859), a ship's captain and later founder of the Essex Savings Bank. In 1818 she inherited her grandfather Ebenezer Hayden's (d. 1818) land in Essex. She and Champlin built a Federal-style house on the property. She had four children survive infancy, including Elizabeth Petit Champlin (b. 1822), and Charles C. Champlin. Prudence Amelia Hayden died in 1880; she is buried in the Grove Street Cemetery.