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Mary Hooker
Mrs. Mary Pierpont
Mrs. James Pierpont
Mary Hooker
Mary Hooker Pierpont
Anglo-American, 1673 - 1740
Biography: Mary Hooker was born 3 July 1673 in Farmington, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Mary Willet Hooker and Reverend Samuel Hooker of Farmington, and the granddaughter of Reverend Thomas Hooker, the first minister of Hartford, Connecticut. Mary Hooker married Reverend James Pierpont (1659-1714) of New Haven, Connecticut, on 26 July 1698 as his third wife. They had seven children: James (b. 1699), Reverend Samuel Pierpont (1700-1724), Mary (b. 1703), Joseph (b. 1704), Benjamin (1707-1733), Sarah (b. 1709 or 1710), and Hezekiah (b. 1712). Mary Hooker Pierpont died in New Haven, Connecticut, on 1 November 1740.