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Huldah Hine
Huldah Hine
Huldah Hine Barker
Mrs. Huldah Baldwin
Mrs. Huldah Barker
Mrs. Nehemiah Baldwin
Huldah Hine Baldwin Barker
Mrs. Ephraim Barker
American, about 1778 - 1840
Biography: Huldah Hine was born in about 1778. She was the daughter of Reuben Hine, of Woodbridge, Connecticut. In April 1803, Huldah Hine married Nehemiah Baldwin (1778-1808). They had three children: Julia (b. 1805); Cornelia (b. 1806); and Nehemiah Addison (b. 1808). After her husband died, Huldah Hine Baldwin lived with a Mrs. Newton, of Woodbridge, whose son was a missionary. Her second marriage, in about 1810-1811, was to Ephraim Barker (about 1783-1866) of Harwinton, Connecticut. They had five children, all born in Harwinton: Hart Barker (b. 1812); Mabal Sophronia (b. 1814); Huldah Selina (b. 1816); Emily Jennet (b. 1820); and Nelson (b. 1824). Huldah Hine Baldwin Barker died 29 May 1840. She is buried in South Cemetery, Harwinton.