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Betsey Harrison
Betsy Harrison Woodruff
Betsey Harrison
Mrs. Samuel Woodruff
Mrs. Betsy Woodruff
American, 1777 - 1867
Biography: Betsy Harrison was born in Branford, Connecticut on 18 March 1777. She was the daughter of Captain Farrington (1738-1808) and Hannah Wilford Harrison (1753-1843). She married Samuel Woodruff (1785-1865) of Washington, Connecticut on 18 June 1810. Betsey Harrison transferred her membership from a church in Branford to a church in Washington, Connecticut on 23 September 1810. In 1811, Betsey and Samuel had a daughter, Betsey Annis Woodruff (1811-1838). Samuel Woodruff went to Kalamazoo County, Michigan in 1829 and 1830 to look at land, and in 1831, he remained there with his family, who joined him from Washington. The family joined Richland township, Michigan, in 1833. Samuel Woodruff was a trustee of Prairie Seminary, and was assessor in 1855; he died in 1865. Betsey Harrison Woodruff died 19 August 1867, and is buried in Richland township.