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Benjamin Catlin Gillett
Benjamin Gillett
American, 1783 - 1837
Biography: Benjamin Catlin Gillett was born in Torrington, Connecticut, on 20 August 1783, the son of John and Abigail Catlin Gillett. He was a cabinetmaker, and he worked in the shop of Aaron Chapin in Hartford, Connecticut. B. C. Gillett advertised as "Gillett & Dewey" in Hartford in 1812, and in Wilmington, North Carolina as early as 1809, indicating that he must have had his own shop by that time, and that he must have shuttled back and forth between Hartford and Wilmington attempting to establish business. B. C. Gillett is associated with three known furniture pieces: the signed sideboard at the Connecticut Historical Society; a signed and labeled wing chair at Historic Deerfield; and a five-legged card table, labeled by Gillett & Dewey, at the Wadsworth Atheneum. B. C. Gillett died in Wilmington, North Carolina on 27 July 1837.