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F. B. Gates
Frederick Gates
Frederick W.B. Gates
Biography: Frederick W.B. Gates of Plymouth, Connecticut, is listed in the 1900 Connecticut census for that town as an 18-year-old clerk in a grocery store, as is his father, Edmund, age 43. Frederick Gates' grandparents came from Germany, although his father was from Connecticut and his mother from Massachusetts. Frederick Gates and his sister, Pauline, were born in Connecticut. The family also lived with the head of household's mother, Elizabeth, a widow, 78 years old. In the 1930 census, a man named Frank B. Gates is listed; presumably, Frederick Gates Anglicized his name. Gates is listed as 49 years old, the owner of his own house, and a merchant in a general store in Plymouth. He and his sister lived together on West Main Street, and it appears that neither ever married. Pauline Gates was listed as the bookkeeper in her "father's store".