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Ruth Green
Mrs. Ruth Barber
Ruth Green
Ruth Green Barber
Mrs. John Barber
American, 1790 - 1851
Biography: Ruth Green was born in 14 December 1790 in East Haddam, Connecticut. She was the daughter of Elizabeth Bigelow (1768_1855) of colchester and Benjamin Green (1762-1828) of East Haddam. In 1827 she became the second wife of artist and antiquarian John Warner Barber (1798-1885). They had five children: Elizabeth Green Barber (1827-1863); Caroline T. Barber (Mrs. Caroline T. Jones) (b. 1829); John Barber (twin) (b. 1830); James Barber (twin) (b. 1830); and Harriet Barber (1835-1862). Ruth Green Barber died 18 November 1851. (Birthdate sometimes given as 1791; probably based on age in census of 1850.)