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Gorham Manufacturing Company

American, founded 1831
Biography: The founder of Gorham Manufacturing, Jabez Gorham, was born in Providence, Rhode Island in 1792. He first apprenticed with Nehemiah Dodge at the age of 14. Starting in about 1815, he was a partner in several businesses. Jabez Gorham's son John joined his father's company in 1841, at which time it was called Jabez Gorham & Son. Jabez Gorham retired in 1850. The name of the firm changed once more, before 1965, when the firm was chartered by the Rhode Island Legislature as the Gorham Manufacturing Company. Chronology: Gorham & Webster, 1831-1837 Gorham, Webster & Price, 1837-1841 J. Gorham & Son, 1841-1850 Gorham & Thurber, 1850-1852 Gorham & Company 1852-1865 Gorham Manufacturing Company, 1865-1961 Gorham Corp, 1961 to present